What Future Stands at the Sunset of Darkness…

Your city has been destroyed by the power of an orb

Dear folklords,

The summer of 2011 has been a dark time. There have been no battles, no great cities, nothing. Only darkness. Silence…

No orb has dropped since the month of May. Four months it has been since an entire city was vaporized in an instant, since radars detected an incoming enemy, since anything has been destroyed…

But before we can destroy, we must build.

Before we attack, we must plan.

In the face of defeat, we must never surrender. Never wave the white flag. Never give up.

In the darkest moments of our existence, there is always hope. There is always a path forward. Always a hero.

Who will end the darkness?

Who will stand in the sunset and wield the next orb?

Who will be our hero…

  • I shall take the title, and I’ll do it for Weebo, you cruel overlord! Though I respect you greatly, you could’ve been nice and spared weebo. Maybe you can give him a few extra limbs. He just has an exo-skeleton, so he’s a special human.

    But I will do my best to take this title, for all Battlecity-ers, and for our friend.
    R.I.P, Darkness.

  • To my devastation, I attempted to join the server only to be denied. There still is no server. I cannot be a hero.

    My dreams are shattered.

    • In the face of defeat, we must never surrender. Never wave the white flag. Never give up.

  • Thankyou, old friend. It warms my battle-worn heart to see you even as a crab not giving up. So I have come to the conclusion that I will not in fact give up, and I will continue to Try and join Battlecity. Just for that adrenaline rush you get when you’re attacking a city… moments away from orbing them. It will be great.

  • Graves

    I don’t think anybody is suggesting you sit around trying to connect to the server all day long… I think the goal here is to try and figure out a solution to find players and to get a Battle City Server back up and running. We need a “hero” to lead us into the future!

  • Indeed you are right, and I have succeeded in a minor way by getting two friends into the game. I’m hosting a LAN game for them when they come to my place this week 😀

  • Flash

    I would be willing to donate $100 if it brought the server back-even if only for a couple of months to start. I realize it is now more than a year later, but perhaps enough people still check the forums, google battlecity, or like me have a random dream about it and search for it.

    • @flash – If you’re really interested in setting up a server, I’d be happy to do the technical stuff to get it up and running. Once it’s up, I’ll set you as admin and you can reign over the lands as you please.

      Unless you find a better option, with GoDaddy, 100$ will get you a server for 3 months.

    • Graves

      Hi @flash, @deceth helped me setup a server, and while I’m not really reigning over the lands, @faix is online all the time so you can try to orb him!

  • Flash

    @deceth I appreciate the opportunity, though I simply would like to play the game, I currently do not have the time to be the admin of the game, as I am working full time and going to school full time, as I am sure many others are. However, if someone else would like to take over as admin, I would still be willing to donate the $100 for three months to rent the server.

    • @flash, Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you 🙂

      I don’t mind getting a server up and running for someone, but they’ll need to administrate/manage it. I only have time to hit the ON switch right now!

      I could just turn on a server and then do nothing besides post an update announcing it’s temporary existence, but, it really would be best to have someone actively managing it so there is some hope of it surviving and growing beyond 3 months… If we’re only going to have 3 people online intermittently, it’s better someone hosts a “free” (minus costs of running a computer 24/7…) server from their basement even if it’s slower and less reliable.