Monthly Top 5 – February 2006

Can the newbies dominate this month?!

Top 5 Orbers
1. Jizohn
2. Chris
3. Scile
4. Mad_Orber
5. BoC

Top 5 Mayors
1. Annihilator
2. Genghis
3. Chris
4. BoC
5. Zeike

Top 5 Defenders
1. Redxkingz
2. zhantrim
3. Annihilator
4. gr8brian
5. samycool

Top 5 Clans
1. Jungle Bunnies
2. Suits n’ Guns
3. Wuji Fan Club
4. Black Sun Underworld
5. Gods of War

Top 5 Awesome Players (Most fun to play with)
1. Deceth
2. zhantrim
3. samycool
4. wdouglas
5. Zeike

Annihilator, Jizohn, Commons, BoC, Faclo (Feb. 2006)

An Impressive Month It Was!!!!!!!!

Making his second appearance on the top of the list is -Annihilator-(a.k.a. Smoked Salmon & ToNy9). Tony set the bar high last month gaining 26k, only to raise that bar just a bit more this month. As Tony made his run for Lord he obtained an astounding 61k! It will be interesting to see if anyone can compete with that top score for the month.

#2 , but not to far off, with an impressive 53,876 points, Jizohn has struck fear into many players. He has gained a 1/4 of his points within the last 28 days. This month will stand out in record books for some time. With remarkable attacking skills, and adverse defensive tactics, this vet will soon be the 3rd legitimate Lord of BC. His skills are def. needed for GoW to be a main contender in Season 2.

>Amongst the Top players hides an undisputed, well respected Aussie. Although, many players don’t see this clown on the battlefield, he ravages cities every night. Commons has gained an incredible 31,184 points this month. Finishing with over 20,000 more points than last month, he has placed his name in the #3 spot. Look out for this player to become a duke, as well as a top contender in Season 2 this Spring. As a founding father, he dreams of bringing Suites & Guns their first play-off appearance.

>What can you say about this guy, he mayors as frequently as he attacks. This well-rounded all-star will be a defining attribute to GoW. Jumping 5 spots and 15,000 points, BoC has landed himself as the #4 Bomb this month. As he made a run for duke, he managed to obtain 23,626 points in just 28 days.

Another terror of the night and early mornings, Falco has found a place on the Top 20 for his second consecutive month. Capturing 22,292 points he has grabbed a solid 5th spot. As he made his run to duke, he was frequently seen pillaging cities. This free agent, with consideration to when he can play, can be a great addition to any clan this season.

Making his first appearance in the bomb is Scile. As Scile worked his way to earl this month he was able to earn just over 21k! A new member of SnG, Scile is at the top of his game right now, a new earl already making his way to duke!

Another new addition to the bomb list is Neverpace. He gained a remarkable 19k this month! Neverpace is getting better by the day both on offense and defense. I expect more appearances on the bomb in the future from him.

GoW’s lowest ranked member, but certainly carries a fair share of impact. Gr8brian has proved to be a reliable asset on the battlefield. A commando that can be called to whichever line of duty necessary. He has marked his second official bomb as the #8 seed with 19,304 points.

Chris is known to be the best in the game. Although his play time is sporadic he has still conquered the 9th spot with 17, 360 points. His skills and wise advise on the battlefield has allowed many players to rise to be better. He will always be known as BC’s first legitimate Lord, and will always lead GoW to victory.

Making the list for a second time is mrmcnutz. He tripled his score from last month gaining 16k! While making his way to duke, mrmcnutz has made his mark on the community. Rumor has it that he was recently banned. Only time will tell if he will get a chance to make the list again.

Knights has started a new clan recently with NME called the “heavyweights.” There main goal is to cause destruction, chaos, and strike fear into any opponent. This vet has certainly succeeded in doing so, landing himself 11th with 14,162 points on this months Bomb Cup.

He gained a remarkable 13k this month! Asian has been called a smurf since day one, and with good reason. He has become quite the mayor, able to hold off strong attacks; while on the other hand he can also be a great assist with his suicide style attacking.

What can you say about a Brigadier that has not only raked enough points in two months to be 2 Bombs, but has been marked in the spotlight every new player reaches for. Samycool has set a path of yellow bricks for all new players to follow. He will continue to climb the ranks in search of being known amongst the elite. Watch out for this astonishing player to do big things!!

Coming back from a long absence, mad_orber made his way to general this month. Gaining an impressive 13k, mad_orber seemed like he was back for good. A new member of the Jungle Bunnies, he could be a valuable asset to their team. The Jungle Bunnies will need to work at keeping him around seeing how he seems to have disappeared again! Just stick around man!

Seeker has recorded his second consecutive bomb this month with 12,522 points. He has shown his true will to succeed and empower others on the battlefield. Expect this guy to be recruited soon and be yet, another big asset to the BC League.

Sirhc, although seen very frequently on the battlefield, has managed to overcome the odds of the high scoring month and pursue 11,964 points and a Bomb. If this old school vet could find more time to play, there is a good chance he’d make it to earl in no time.

Nightwish has not been playing as frequent as before, but he is still making that impact on the battlefield. In the past month he accumulated 11,652 points and marked his territory as the 17th spot. Watch out for JB to use this rising star in Season 2!!

Earl Hotdog and his 10,364 points in February has given him 18th in the Bomb Standings. This well-rounded player has been back at it, climbing on the Top20 for the past couple weeks. Expect this guy to make his run for duke by Spring.

Duke RedxKing has actively been playing lately. He has shown his presense as the 19th spot this month. He is a dominant player on the defensive line, and has shown he can step it up offensively too. Watch out for him to take HDO to their second playoff appearance and maybe even a second championship.

Tylerdurden was just shy of 10,000 points on this account for February, but still held on for the final spot in this months Bomb Cup. This solid attacker will provide WFC with the skills needed to overcome the odds in Season 2.

Congratulations to everyone, this month has accumulated 386,868 total points from it’s top 20 players. In the month of January there were only 172,119 points by it’s top 20 players. That is an amazing 214, 749 more points this month. KABOOOM BABY IT’S THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!

(Commentary by Tony9 & Jizohn)

Monthly Top 20 for February

1. Lord -Annihilator- (61384)
2. Duke Jizohn (53876)
3. Earl CoMmOnS (31184)
4. Duke BoC (23626)
5. Duke Falco (22292)
6. Earl SciLe (21126)
7. Brigadier Neverpace (19362)
8. General Gr8Brian (19304)
9. Lord Chris (17360)
10. Duke mrmcnutz (16268)
11. Duke Knights (14162)
12. Brigadier Asian01 (13680)
13. Brigadier samycool (13140)
14. General MaD_OrBeR (12924)
15. General S33K3R (12522)
16. Brigadier Sirhc (11694)
17. General Nightwish (11652)
18. Earl Hot-Dog (10364)
19. Duke ReDxKiNGz (10082)
20. Brigadier TylerDurden (9866)

Overall Top 20:

1. Lord -Annihilator- (214857)
2. Lord Chris (206018)
3. Duke Jizohn (180259)
4. Duke Zhantrim (154272)
5. Duke Genghis (140474)
6. Duke -IGGY- (133344)
7. Duke Method (122174)
8. Duke Knights (120110)
9. Duke Falco (118504)
10. Duke BoC (118102)
11. Duke Merloch (118016)
12. Duke CMB (116720)
13. Duke ReDxKiNGz (105924)
14. Duke mrmcnutz (103118)
15. Earl Flash (92752)
16. Earl CoMmOnS (87198)
17. Earl SciLe (83850)
18. Earl Hot-Dog (81170)
19. Earl Orber(Major) (78386)
20. Earl Deceth (72832)

Monthly Top 5 – January 2006

Champions of the New Year!

Top 5 Orbers
1. Jizohn
2. Merloch
3. -IGGY-
4. MuffinMan
5. BoC

Top 5 Mayors
1. Chris
2. Tony9
3. Genghis
4. samycool
5. Deceth

Top 5 Defenders
1. Chris
2. Tony9
3. Redxkingz
4. samycool
5. Deceth

Top 5 Clans
1. Jungle Bunnies
2. Suits n’ Guns
3. Black Sun Underworld
4. Orbinators
5. Wuji Fan Club

Top 5 Awesome Players (Most fun to play with)
1. Meerkat
2. Genghis
3. Commons
4. Adrio
5. Tony9

SmokeSalmon, Chris, Butterfly, Gr8Brian, Asian01 (Jan. 2006)

The Best of the Month Baby! (BOMB!)

SmokeSalmon, also known as Tony9, was by far the most explosive Player of January! He racked up 26k points on his name that finished #1 for the month, and also added another 5k on Annihilator which placed #17 for the month. Thats 31k points for January, and remember, the Monthly Top 20 was only added January 8th! TONY9 IS THE BOMB!

Chasing at Tony's heels all month was the Lord hungry Chris, finishing back at 21k points and making sure Tony doesn't sneak passed him on the overall top 20!

Butterfly, aka Jizohn, took the #3 spot with 14k points. Despite being way back of the top spot, people are starting to say he may be the games best orber right now. If he's not, then Chris is since -IGGY- has been innactive, meaning GoW is looking good! Yikes!

Who would have thought Gr8brian would come in at #4! The Brigadier pulls a huge upset earning nearly 12k points in 23 days and finishing well ahead of many others who were originally picked to finish in the top 5! Watch out for this guy come BCL time! All I can say is that I hope he joins the Jungle Bunnies! 😉

Asian01 makes his return to Battlecity, and does it with style finishing in the months top 5! Thats 2 Brigadiers in the top 5 of January! Quite impressive!

In at #6 is Commons, a player who has recently been red hot! If he can keep his end of January momentum going into February, he will definitely threaten for a top 5 position! He may even breakk out onto the overall top 20!

Falco comes in at #7 which is a huge surprise! Falco was a dominant player in the games earlier days, but had since vanished! Definitely making a stylish return! Welcome back Falco!

At #8 we have Makaveli, HDO's latest prospect who has been actively climbing the charts and working his way up! He's also on his way to Earl after a great output in January!

In at 9th spot is the highly underated BoC. This guy can be one of the games most explosive players, however he doesn't play enough to leave that impact on the battlefield. He is probably one of the best Mayors out there as well, though not many people realize it! He should definitely be in GoW's starting lineup.

Who would have imagined that a Major would get anywhere near the Monthly Top 20? Well, samycool showed everyone what he is capable of, finishing in the top 10 against all odds! This guy is gonna make one clan very happy come BCL season!

s33k3r came ready to play in January with a strong performance all month long. He finished just behind samy, but managed to stay ahead of Batcho, mrmcnutz and zhantrim, which is quite the accomplishment!

Batcho just barely held off mrmcnutz to take home the #12 spot and get that extra point for "The 2006 BOMB Cup!".

Another strong and steady month for mrmnutz who continues his quest for Dukehood! If he steps it up, he could possibly hit Duke in February, though its likely we will have to wait until March for his promotion.

Zhantrim put down another 5k beside his name this month, but it wasn't enough to stop Tony9 from passing him on the overall top 20! However, despite his lower output, Zhantrim is still considered the games best mayor by most players! A strong performance by him is exactly what HDO needs to overcome GoW's offensive lineup.

Meerkat.. Meerkat.. imagine if you had died one less time in the month of January… you would have finished 14th overall. Instead, you finish 15th, exactly 1 point behind Zhantrim. Next time, buy 3 points from the BC Store, not just 1 😉 Nice month by the aussie though, can't be easy earning points while hiding from all those predators!

Redxkingz had a great month! The games top defender started to show the Battlecity world that he has some offensive moves as well!

Naters, one of LA's consistent players last season, came out big this month as well, racking himself up a nice basket of points. Not sure if he's a free agent or not, but if so, definitely a solid addition to any team!

Good old -IGGY- went innactive in January and still knocked together over 4,000 points! Who else is EXCITED to see GoW and HDO go head to head in the league?!!? HOLY COW!

Check this out, another Major on the top 20! Rudey only started playing in January, and in his very first month on Battlecity, managed to finish in the top 20! WOAH!


Monthly Top 20 for January

1. Duke SmokeSalmon (26650)
2. Duke Chris (21624)
3. Duke Butterfly (14110)
4. Brigadier Gr8Brian (11750)
5. Brigadier Asian01 (9446)
6. General CoMmOnS (9262)
7. Earl Falco (8698)
8. General Makaveli (7470)
9. Earl BoC (7348)
10. Major samycool (5974)
11. Brigadier S33K3R (5506)
12. Earl Batcho (5450)
13. Earl mrmcnutz (5438)
14. Duke Zhantrim (5096)
15. Brigadier Meerkat (5095)
16. Earl ReDxKiNGz (5090)
17. Major -Annihilator- (5044)
18. General Naters20 (4400)
19. Duke -IGGY- (4394)
20. Major -Rudey- (4274)

Overall Top 20:

1. Duke Chris (183202)
2. Duke SmokeSalmon (148229)
3. Duke Zhantrim (147024)
4. Duke Genghis (136740)
5. Duke -IGGY- (129814)
6. Duke Butterfly (123977)
7. Duke Method (121172)
8. Duke CMB (115330)
9. Duke Merloch (113604)
10. Duke Knights (105948)
11. Earl Falco (96222)
12. Earl ReDxKiNGz (95842)
13. Earl BoC (94476)
14. Earl mrmcnutz (86852)
15. Earl Flash (86332)
16. Earl Orber(Major) (78386)
17. Earl JML22 (72682)
18. Earl DuneBug (71924)
19. Earl Hot-Dog (70808)
20. Earl Deceth (70600)

Monthly Top 5 – December 2005

Who yields the strength of a thousand armies!

Top 5 Orbers
1. Merloch
2. Jizohn
3. -IGGY-
4. Chris
5. Deceth

Top 5 Mayors
1. Genghis
2. Zhantrim
3. Deceth
4. DuneBug
5. Tony9

Top 5 Defenders
1. Zhantrim
2. Redxkingz
3. Deceth
4. DuneBug
5. Zeike

Top 5 Clans
1. Jungle Bunnies
2. Wuji Fan Club
3. High Definition Orbers
4. Lamers Anonymous
5. Orbinators

Top 5 Awesome Players (Most fun to play with)
1. Surge
2. Genghis
3. Zeike
4. MuffinMan
5. sin38