Flash Orbs Sunday Night Gauntlet!

Rise wasn’t around for tonights Gauntlet, so I did one. It started a bit late and wasn’t quite as big as some of the previous ones, but I think people had fun.

In the beginning, only Huambo was attacking, but by the time they got about halfway through, Dorra and Beng jumped into the action. They made steady progress until they reached the room with the CC. After 5-10 minutes of everyone unsuccessfully trying to shoot the turrets, nemises (from Dorra) made several attempts to rush the CC only to fall just short.

Meanwhile, Beng got orbed by Clientel from Huambo. It looked like they were out of the running, but they rebuilt quickly and Flash grabbed the orb. He succeeded where nemisis failed…rushing the cc with about 5 turrets shooting at him.

Flash got the orb…Beng got the 150 points. Great event with over 20 people online and 3 full cities participating!

Winners: Benguela
Flash (Orb)

Controversial Gauntlet Orbed by Huambo!

Hosted by: Rise Against

This controversial Gauntlet has spawned a whole series of separate debates on the forums! Should Gauntlets be worth 500 points? How can they be made more fair? Should the point prize vary depending on the number of participants? Is there a way to satisfy everyone, or will the same people complain regardless? What do you think! Discuss the controversy here!



Bahia Blanca:

Weebo was awesome and let me build a gauntlet tonight, so I built what I think was a pretty damn big gauntlet. However, the only 2 cities weren’t cooperating in the beginning. Huambo orbed Bengula, then Benguela came back and orbed Huambo. After that they finally started working on the gauntlet, but Benguela was once again orbed by Pirate causing almost their entire team to leave except cseow who joined Huambo.

I gave Huambo plasmas so they could focus on the gauntlet seeing as how they were the only team interested. I’m pretty sure nobody else made one like this. It had 3 paths, one led to the cc, and the other 2 led to deadends. The CC path was guarded by 2 turrets at impossible angles, and the only way to shoot them was to use both dead ends to distract them. Scile however, managed to shoot them with only one person distracting. In the cc area every square had a plasma turret on it, so it took them a while to clear it all out. In the end Scile orbed it and Huambo was awarded 500 points.

Funeral Service Held for Gauntlet – TylerDurden Gets Orb

Hosted by: Rise Against


(plz let me know who was in this city)

(not sure who mayored it)

A regular gauntlet again, but it got off late. Wasn’t too big but I think it was fun. Huambo did most of the work, and Tyler came in for the late orb. I do believe he was awarded 400 points, but his mayor wasn’t. He was new and left before he could claim his prize!

Holiday Gauntlets

Over the last couple of days or so I’ve been using the Eventsparrow account to create gigantic gauntlets for the whole map to enjoy. They include innumerable turrets, mines, and dfgs–and a whole mess of fun. Consider them like dungeons and dragons for the BC world, with rooms, deathtraps and an evil DM (me). There are only a few rules:

1) No bombs
2) No building within the gauntlet
3) Zooks/lasers/meds and teamwork are allowed!
(some of the rooms are impossible without help)
4) You must enter through the starting point.
5) First team to reach cc and orb wins!

It is a whole lot of fun. The entire map can participate, aid one another or battle with zooks and dfg within the gauntlet, all vying for the final prize. Beware the unwary adventurer, for the gauntlet is a fickle mistress and can change if you leave.

Players are allowed to exit and acquire meds, but if a room is abandoned, the admin can refill it (somewhat sparingly of course)! I ran two gauntlets today, with each one taking approximately 2 hours to orb. And that was with upwards of 6-7 people inside it at once!

The most exciting was the final gauntlet, which boasted huambo and buenos battling it out near the cc for the orb. Players would die making their attack runs (ala star wars), and then have to refill and re-enter, all while the dungeon was refilling with doom. At the end, wuji and chaos tag teamed jizohn, stalling long enough for clientel and seperoth to rush in for the orb.

It was loads of fun and easy to run. It takes about 30 minutes to set up and provides hours of amusement. As such, I have declared myself Keeper of the Gauntlet and intend to run these whenever I have time.

On that note I leave you, but remember: DO NOT TEMPT THE GAUNTLET, FOR SHE IS A FICKLE MISTRESS!!

Jizohn wrote:

its was definatley fun … even when the whole huambo team was after just me …. it was a good challenge and i shoulda had it but silly me was downloading songs when i was doing this Mad

i kinda liked it tho, everyone vs me as i dont get to play as much anymore i get to have good battles when i am on.

i know i pissed wuji off, and clientel was getting flustered as well when i started dropping the dfgs in random places 😉

Wujiamin wrote:

Yup, we worked together at the beginning of the gauntlet. Like how one person ran through the turrets got to the other side and shot the turrets to make a safe passage. Or how we would distract the turrets so someone could run through and shoot them from the other side easily.

Then it got really interesting because as we got closer to the cc and we began sabotaging eachother so we could be to the first to orb Zhantrim. LOL. We would shoot eachother as we made our way to the gauntlet or we would drop dfgs and kill eachother. Once Beunos attacked and bombed our factories while all of us were in the gauntlet getting closer to the cc. So we ran back to rebuild and Clientel attacked Beunos. Beunos came back and orbed our city. So while Chaos and them were rebuilding in Huambo, I went to Beng sttuck turrets and mines near the south of Beunos to slow them down. We got close to doba but Clientel made a bad run to the cc and died so chaos and I guarded the entrance while Seperoth waited for Clientel to come back. We managed to kill Penguinizi several times and finally Clientel made it back and passed the orb to Seperoth who orbed doba!!

Haha, I was mad when we were playing because I couldn’t believe Beunos was sabotaging us so we retaliated while they thought we were sabotaging us so they attacked us. It was more fun with us trying to sabotage eachother though. We always had someone defending at base once I was carrying three meds to Clientel since he was running low on health but then I got mayor. Chaos reapplied and yelled base so I quickly left and went back to base only to see Beunos attacking us. Clientel never got those meds afterall. =P

What was really fun was that the gauntlet was constantly changing if you left. Once you died and had to remake your way back, you never knew what you would find. There might be more turrets, sleepers, plasmas, mines, or dfgs. Once, a path that we could use before was closed off so we had to clear another path to the cc. Or how Zhantrim stopped us once with his machine gun and we had to make our way around it with a line of plasmas at the side. Lol, stealth was freaking out and told Zhantrim he was insane. He made me go first and when I ran around and made it safely to the other side, he was like, “Ok Zhantrim she made it. You can stop shooting now.” LOL.

Those of you who weren’t there totally missed out. You guys have to try it, the gauntlet is so much fun. I’m sure we provided Zhantrim with a lot of laughs. Lol, thanks Zhantrim!!