Battle City Needs an Epic Video Trailer

I’ve finally realized why Battle City has failed to achieve critical acclaim. It needs an epic video trailer to be successful!

Check out this video created by the folks over at Minecraft:

It is clearly epic. I had a mindgasm. A brain explosion.

… And it worked. I went and downloaded Minecraft even though I did a previous browse-by without downloading…

So my question is, what free open source tools can be used to create this type of epic video trailer? Do you have the skills to boggle the minds of Battle City?

Battle City needs an epic video trailer. How do we proceed to fulfill this desire?

  • Fraps for in-game view, because why not?
    Maybe we could hunt down and strap Lak Mobes down till he creates some awesome visual effects in a 3d rendering program (Ex. Blender) for some funzies.

  • Fraps is a great way to record video in-game, but what free open source tools are available to edit this video, to add text and to add music? Vindkast for example made some very awesome BCL videos back in the day!

    We must add the epic. We must invade the YouTubes.

  • Honestly Vegas Pro is all anyone’ll ever need to directly edit a video.

  • I completely agree. This website could use a more attractive theme as well.

  • I will gladly record and edit. That being said, I need some at least 1 player to verse in order to show battlecity’s awesome and epic fun-stuff.