Battle City is a free, open source, video game.

Build a city. Hire a team. Orb the enemy!

Current version: 3.5.7e. Find out what's new.

Battle City Announcements.

Dr. Evil has one simple request for brackets.

Battle City Winter Classic Down for Psychiatric Treatment

Don't panic, It is with great regret I bring you today's perilous news... The Battle City Winter Classic turned itself off due to severe … [Read More...]

ICe Cold Grave...

Battle City Winter Classic Server up and Freezing!

This Holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving... Battle City Winter Classic! For a limited time only, Battle City is back and … [Read More...]


What Future Stands at the Sunset of Darkness…

Dear folklords, The summer of 2011 has been a dark time. There have been no battles, no great cities, nothing. Only darkness. … [Read More...]

Help Kickstart a Battle City server.

Once we raise $500, we're going to launch the Battle City Classic Server. Read the plan for full details.

Development News.

just a guantlet

Battle City v3.5.7b Release Notes

Version 3.5.7b of Battle City includes the following updates: Updated code to connect to new server Gave newbies the ability … [Read More...]

Surge being obliterated so close to orbing!

Battle City v3.5.7 Release Notes

Version 3.5.7 of Battle City includes the following updates: Promotions now broadcast to all players Fix to bug that allowed … [Read More...]

joemoney returns

Battle City v3.5.6 Release Notes

Version 3.5.6 of Battle City includes the following updates: Fix to a bug which prevented the sending of private messages to some … [Read More...]



RedRocket wins BattleCity League!

BCL concluded November 8 with RedRocket as the winner. Runner ups was Meanbitch and Jetli both four points behind the almighty winner of … [Read More...]


BCL Grand Finalé Thursday

The BattleCity League Grand Finalé will be Thursday November 1st at 10pm EST! Let's make this Finalé the biggest battle … [Read More...]


Vote Now! City Design Competition: Banta

Sorry I was a little late to get the voting panel out there!  I have 5 lovely Banta designs for you all to choose from.  Please … [Read More...]

Points & Rankings.

Oops wrong command center

Alton, Valliant, Kaboom!, dreamwolker, Poncho (Jan.2009)

Monthly Top 20 for January 2009 1. Brigadier Alton (24586) 2. Brigadier ~~Valliant~~ (13816) 3. Earl Kaboom! (9871) 4. Brigadier … [Read More...]

A frozen Battle City December

TheBuzz, Jizohn, Platypus, MadMax, Zen (Nov.2008)

Monthly Top 20 for November 1. Captain TheBuzz (2467) 2. General Jizohn (2027) 3. Brigadier Platypus (1230) 4. Lieutenant MadMax … [Read More...]

Surge being obliterated so close to orbing!

420, BenHur, Rise Against, Bartsie, Spyderman (Aug.2008)

Monthly Top 20 for August 1. General 420 (8676) 2. General BenHur (7063) 3. Brigadier rise against (3952) 4. Colonel Bartsie … [Read More...]


Want a Custom Tank? Find Super Squirrel!

It's time for a super awesome website contest! The rule is simple. Find Super Squirrel! If you do, you win the custom tank of your … [Read More...]

BCL round 2

Read all about the second game of this fall's BCLThe battle of six cities.After a very long draft in the meeting room with some people … [Read More...]

Huambo Wins Gauntlet (Sept. 8/07

2007-09-08 23:28:10,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,31/func,view/id,11836/catid,12/ … [Read More...]